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5 Core Wireless Car Charging Mount
5 Core Wireless Car Charging Mount

5 Core Wireless Car Charging Mount

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Experience the future of car charging with our cutting-edge MagSafe car mount charger. Designed to enhance your driving experience, this innovative accessory seamlessly integrates advanced magnetic technology with lightning-fast charging capabilities. Say goodbye to tangled cables and unstable phone placements – our MagSafe car mount delivers unparalleled convenience and safety.

Super Magnetic & Fast Charging: Unlock the power of magnetic attraction with our MagSafe car mount charger. Its robust magnetic element guarantees a secure hold, preventing your device from slipping or sliding during your drive. The suction force is exceptional, ensuring your phone stays firmly in place. This mount's true magic lies in its ability to provide up to 15W of rapid charging power, all while safeguarding your device from overcharging. Once your phone reaches full charge, the charger automatically shuts off, preserving battery health and ensuring safety.

Fast Magnetic Charging: Equipped with an intelligently designed large coil and advanced technology, our car charger delivers faster-charging speeds compared to standard wireless chargers. Placing your QI-enabled phone on the charger initiates an automatic lock and alignment process, providing up to 15W of fast magnetic charging. Enjoy a stable and efficient charging experience that outpaces the competition.

360° Rotational & One-Hand Operation: Elevate your driving convenience with our MagSafe car mount's 360-degree rotational joint. Seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes with a single hand, making it perfect for navigating or interacting with your phone while on the move. Our automatic absorption technology takes charge as you place your phone in the mount, securing it swiftly and effortlessly.

Super Safe Design: Safety is paramount in every journey, and our MagSafe car mount prioritizes protection. Built-in voltage regulators offer multiple layers of security against over-current, over-charging, and overheating. These safeguards ensure optimal device performance while providing the peace of mind you deserve.

Ready for Navigation: Our car mount isn't just about charging; it's also a navigation companion. Swiftly transition between portrait and landscape modes, all while the robust vent clip and support arm keep your phone securely mounted. Experience stability like never before during your drives.


  • Ultimate Wind Experience: Uninterrupted ventilation ensures your phone remains cool and prevents overheating.
  • 360-degree Free Rotation: Effortlessly switch your phone's orientation for maximum comfort and convenience.
  • No Signal Interference: Enjoy clear calls and seamless streaming, even while charging.
  • Easy to Use: Simple placement and magnetic hold eliminate the need for constant plugging and unplugging.

Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Max Size: 6.5"
  • Power Output: 15W
  • Intelligent Reminder: Yes
  • Working Temperature: 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C)

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