Free Detox Foot pad with purchases over $65!
Free Detox Foot pad with purchases over $65!
Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)
Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)
Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)
Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)
Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)

Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pack (10 Pairs)

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Remove Body Toxins While You're Sleeping!

Looking for a solution that will help your body cleanse while you sleep?


Detox Foot Pads use the power of reflexology to tap into 60 acupuncture points on the soles of your feet to promote natural detoxification of chemicals, toxins, and toxic metals from your body.

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Boosts vitality and energy
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Encourages a positive mental state
  • Effectively removes swollen glands and legs

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About Detox Foot Pads...

  • "A new way to detox! I've done a number of detox strategies and this is the first I've done using footpads. Every time I've used them the pads are full of black gunk in the morning. One thing I notice is that I sleep better when I use these. I'm happy with the results and continue to use them." † ~ Nathan
  • "Refreshed and energized! I loved them so much I got some for friends. I was really impressed and I am now a loyal customer. 100% satisfied with the outcome." † Katherine

How Do Detox Foot Patches Work? 

The Detox Foot Pads drain excessive fluids through the biggest pores in the whole body - your feet, stimulating return circulation of blood and lymph back to the torso. Blending with ginger root extracts, it reduces swelling and soothes pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Experience overnight therapy to unblocks your circulatory and lymphatic systems.

  • Formulated with ingredients to increase cognitive function and the ability to relax, resulting in the ability to go to sleep faster and to get more out of sleep
  • Boosts energy level
  • Ginger & Lavender are two scents have been used in Aroma Therapy body relief methods for thousands of years

Ginger Detox Foot Pads

Suggested Use:

Apply one Detox Foot Pad to the sole of each foot before bed, every night or every other night to aid your body in chemical and toxic metal cleansing. In the mornings, you'll see the results of the toxins that were drawn from your body while you slept. Simply peel off the footpads to see that they're discolored, dark brown, hard and bumpy, yellow, or gray in color, with the toxins they've collected. After repeated nightly applications, depending on your body, you may see that when you remove the pads, they're not as discolored; this is a clear indication that your toxin load is being reduced.

The results are dependent upon the strength of your immune system, the efficiency of your elimination systems, as well as your toxin load. Typically, the clearer and drier the footpads are in the mornings, the nearer you are to the close of your cleansing cycle. Most people notice health improvements within days of beginning their first chemical and toxic metal cleanse.

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